As indicated by the name, Brunch is a twisted blessing, a relaxing sunday dinning style of English origin gaining increasing popularity in Paris, the existence of which legitimizes my sunday lethargy.

Lavish Heavens:

Either it’s because one want to gilt his trip to Paris, or of an attitude requires only the best of the type, those prestigious Brunch options of great quality and upscale ambiance worth the splurge.

Royal Monceau (95€ buffet):

The brunch actualized one of my most wild dreams—-a merge of Le Grand Epiceries (Gourmet food market), and Pierre Herme, plus impeccable service and beautiful ambiance. The quantity of options make decisions quite a hard time. Artisan Charcuterie, and cheese choices covered almost all major AOC region. also paradise for fish-mongers—fruit de mer, caviar, also coquillettes aux truffes. Well balanced menu also have nice meat choices too.

Despite of my unreserved recommendation, I won’t go there that often due to the reasons that I don’t want to give myself a hard time of choice in the early morning, and that when it comes to the first bite of each day, I am conservative and conventional, warm milky scrambled eggs would be a priceless reward.

Un dimanche a Paris (35€-55€)

Manifesto of Chocolate—chocolate is found on each plate, seamlessly integrated and was thoughtfully themed. The 55 euros menu includes items from regular carte—a signature foie gras and plates of chocolate pastries. As a final fantasy, this is an adventure of chocolate and its friends.

Perishing Hall (60€)

I haven’t tried this one yet, and it remains such a temptation for their so-called bar à œufs where one have plenty of choices for made to ordered eggs. However, it seems a better option during the summer.


Tarte Kluger (25 €)

Quiche-lover’s heaven, they have a nice quiche-theme brunch menu, offer choices among seasonal creations. Small hidden gem, with wooden tables and limited spaces, one could find the most amusing and crafty creations based on the old recipes. Like barbie’s story, an old girlish fashion, however evolves into most disparate fantasies.

Bar à Pain (15-20€)

Paris, the capital of France and the capital of Bon Pain, we can find good bread and bad bread everywhere, in the tartine, paired with foie gras, on the lunch table….they are everywhere MOSTLY as supporting actors, they contribute to the success of the repas when they are good. Rarely does one encounter the situation when breads are given a significant regard, but here, we find our anonymous hero of daily meal has been put under spotlight: a tour from a baguette to pain campange, pain d’olives to german black bread— the nuance of texture and smells give clue to the grains and the way of baking—then reverence of artisan’s work and terroir are evoked from the bottom of heart.

Twist—when tradition and trend intertwined

Café du musée Jacquemart-André (28€)

In this quintessential 19th century building, the former dinning room of this private house was transformed into a cafe where this brunch is served on Sundays. A wide selection of pastries are made by the former chef from Stohr. In the beautiful terrace with a view of the garden, family like atmosphere is brought out in an elegant haut-bourgeouis setting.

Carette (20-40€)

They have two locations, one in Place Vosge, and another in place du Trocadéro, two affluent Parisien residences. This place, for me, is somewhat closer to the very essence of Brunch’s concept—-a calm location tucked away from tourists’ scenes without forfeiting gorgeous sight; well-bred parisian neighbors talked in deep voice over cups of unctuous hot chocolate; in a conventional setting with a touch of understated swankiness.

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  1. Hello. splendid job. I did not anticipate this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!


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