L’ Office—l’endroit indefini

Posted on 2012/01/31


The question raised by dining at high-ending restaurants is usually: whether the quality justifies the price. As for bistros, the question is in the reverse way: what the best quality of food we can get at this price?

I arrived quite early at L’office, a small bistro in 9 th, the smell of roasted piglet seems cast a spell on me: the decision was made immediately—-I am gonna to have that as my main dish, along with St Jacque as an entree.

It finally turned out to be a wise choice, at such a price (24 euro the menu), my expectation is immensely satisfied. Still, since I don’t want to exaggerate, here, the quality of dishes are solid and ideas are innovative, at a bistro level. Anticipation plays, more than frequently, a essential role in tasting, satisfaction lies largely in the comparison between reality and control rather than the absolute quality of the fact.

Photos of the Meal, CLICK