Caïus—around the world in 45 epices

Posted on 2012/01/16


If traveling itself be the only purpose for our traveling, the temptation is carried out by the exotic freezes mingled with scent of violet, red berries and wet soil, the most wild illusions is solicited by the spirally shifted smogs and hazy purple canopy of a splendid arabian palace.

The savors of wildness, scent of exoticness, the unconstrained curiosity seduced by flamboyant unfamiliarity, inspired us, as well as our near or distant foregoers to explore the world unknown, to adventure. The theme of Caius, highlighted by this scent of adventure, introduced by a series of spices: from poivre de Kerala, to le sumac du levant, la cardamome, la casse and le séné—-an brave new world gradually unfolded in front of us.


The journey begins with Coquille Saint-Jacque la placha, helianti, great acidity provided by the herbs coupled magically with the tangy, spiny st-jacque, and exhaled a japanese air. The idea and execution were both interesting.

Then came the Dos de Cabillaud, slightly breaded with black sesame and accompanied with an emulsion-like textured espuma creme, which reminds me the meal I had in Claude Colliot. I loved largely its aery texture.

The dessert might be my favorite part of the meal. A generous coup of chocolate mousse made from venezuela cacao and dotted with sprinkles of fava tonka, a pure touch of cacao and quite a delight.

Other informations:

The menu is 42 euro, including entree, plat and dessert, served both lunch and dinner.

The clients are major local folks and people works around, major nice dinning neighbors.

Under the same owner, a small bistro called caius zinc locates 10 metres away in the same street, a small warm place where one can expect tapas fairs with more casuel setting.

CAÏUS / 6 rue d’Armaillé / 75017 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 27 19 20 / Fax : 01 40 55 00 93

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