Le Royal Monceau—Mysterious lady in Le Bar Long

Posted on 2011/12/01


There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! —-Said the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. 

There is a cocktail place. Like no others in Paris. A bar full of glasses, mirrors, light and fantasy!—-My experience in Royal Monceau mirrors Alice’s adventure in Wonderland.

Cocktails défilés

A place full of  shadow and fluorescence, a spot affluent of reflection and perspectives. This lovely bar unfolds around a long wooden table, on the both side stand two shelves laid of goblets, tumblers, flutes, chalices, other drinking vessels, none of which resembles others. More or less an incarnation of  Philippe Starck‘s belief in humanism.  Plus il y a de matérialité, moins il y a d’humanité (The more materiality there is, the less humanity there is), stated Philippe Starck. In whose design, everything is simple, vivid and spontaneous, but everything is worth pondering. There’s hardly something lack of design, but rarely something unnatural. He gave each item, each element a humanitarian regard, esteem for their individual value rather than focused only on the overall integrality.

The content and decor are consistent, the elements are thoughtfully themed.

Among a wild range of options from the cocktail book, there’s only a limited number of house creations (around 5), which however have the potential of being classics. Finally, we diverged and all ordered different things. For me, a mysterious lady comes in a gleaming black goblet—-a slightly bitterness was introduced in a subdued sweetness at slow pace.

I find Royal Monceau,  still being an embodiment of french elegance, but unlike its peers in this city, possessing a magic that makes one believes in six impossible things before breakfast.

Practical Infromation

Royal Monceau

37 Avenue Hoche  75008 Paris
01 42 99 88 00

Price range: 18-24 €