Food’s Code

Posted on 2011/12/01


Dite moi ce que tu mange, je te dirai ce qui tu es. 
Tell me what you eat, I will tell who you are.

What can we tell from one’s eating habit? He is vegetarian or carnivorous? Does he have a sweet teeth, which is his sinful pleasure, caramel, chocolate, or parline? What is his favorite pastry, opera, baba au rhum, Paris brest or Mont-Blanc?

How he likes the meat to be prepared, raw, rare or fully cooked, and ris de veau? What kind of foie gras he prefer, au torchon, mi-cuit or cuit? Does he pair food with wines, or a general red drink, or white drinker, even have anything go well with wines?

Who is his lunch mate, dinner accompany, or whether he will be comfortable when dinner alone?

How those millions pieces of seemingly irrelevant details give clues to one’s personality?

The answer could be yes, no, perhaps, sometimes,not really…..

No matter whether the eating habits indicate one’s personality, depict the profile of a barely stranger?

Eating is a daily routine. By talking about food, one starts a relax conversation with somebody barely know and will perhaps strike a common ground then. Of course, this is not only a way building connection with strangers but also a chance to share with endearing friends of experiences, beloved “chose” and memorable moment of life.

Finding someone holding the same belief  of food, having the same dining hobby and even the likely preference  is no less than a blessing moment where a bridge built by food triumphed over the unavoidable solitude suffered by every human being.

The portrait of Myself:

I am not a vegetarian, and can hardly be one. I generally prefer fish to meat only because they are good for my teeth. Specifically, fishes with flaky and firm flesh are my longtime indulgence: Turbot, St-Pierre, Hake, Black Cod are currently topping my list. My meaty favorite are When it comes to condiments and herbes, I have some obsession for curry(especially green curry—the most spicy one), hail basil, rosemary, shiso and dill. I like coconut milk almost everywhere, even in my cocktail—-this is why I stick to pina colada at non-typical cocktail bars. I am also a foie gras mania, especially foie gras au torchon (sud-ouest fits me better than Toulous version), a preferred accompany is a slice of warm brioche (apparently this also depends on the humor of the chef). As to saumon fumé, I like scottish oak smoked ones, but Saumon mariné à l’aneth would be a plus, particularly sliced as L’aiguillette, miam miam!

The unavoidable classics for me include crab cake, mille-feuilles, Sole meunière, bread-pudding, muffin, egg benedict, Bouillabaise, Cioppino, risotto with arbrorio….

Favorite cheese: Robiola, Stilton, Cloth-bound Cheddar (US), Selle-Sur-Cher, Ossau-Iraty, le Valençay, Tomme de Savoie…..

Favorite part of veau, boeuf: Ris de veau, joue de boeuf, cervelle de veau

Favorite game faires: caille, pheasant, lièvre

I am very cautious to truffle: sometimes it could be a valuable add-on, an enlightening coup, but also could very easily dominate the whole dish. (The species preferred: truffle bianco d’alba)

My favorite restaurants: I can’t tell you right now…..

Wine: I am not typing until my finger hurt….