Saumon Fumé (Smoked Salmon)

Posted on 2011/11/29


Saumon Fumé is my lunch hero, who always glorifies a ordinary salad, ennobles a unremarkable sandwich. With unctuous crème au ciboulette atop a golden blinis or my poppy New York Bagels, it turns me into a cherry piglet in the heaven.

Despite my wide range of tolerance, the preference for humid fatty taste dictate that I usually go for Saumon d’Ecosse (origin Scotland). The water around Scotland give it a unmistakeable succulent texture, rich and tender.

The salmon fume have three major origins, Norway, Scotland and Denmark. The best type of Norwegian Saumon is Gravadlax, originally from Scandinavia, unlike its Scottish counterpart which is usually slight mild brine , it is cured with a special dill, sugar, and herbs mixture, which rend the fillet with intensive earthiness and clean finish. Scottish saumon fume’s enduring reputation rests not only in its fabulous food origin and also attribute to its featured method of smoke with oak, strictly following Kosher guidelines, all those factors together contribute to its buttery, delicate month-feel . When it comes to Danish version of Saumon Fume, its fabulous champaign color, concentrated smoke, velvety texture set it apart.

Besides the origin, the smoking process divides into two categories: hot smoking and cold smoking. The former is done in a prolongated period with precision, which infused the fish fully with woody essence. While the hot smoking yields more humid, flaky texture.

Another secret for good smoke salmon is special cut. Loin-cut is mostly used for sashimi, yielding a meaty, generous consistency; While the famous Balyk cut features a vertical slice makes the best pieces for the canape and cracks; sliced salmon are most general type, however, a professional hand-slice still makes a lot of differences.

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