Bar 228—Meurice Hotel

Posted on 2011/11/27


Before the appearance of trendy cocktail bars, the bars in Paris mainly dropped into two categories: Brasseries, bar a vin which are usually small, shabby, nestled at corners of each neighborhood, where the parisiens exchange humors, spread gossips or plot conspiracies. Another kind is Hotel Bars, which are usually spacious, connected to high ending restaurants, with beautiful terrasses in the summer time and cozy tea room in the winter, and attentive staffs with impressive memories: they remember every small hobby of their frequent clients. The hotel bars and salons also played a significant role in the intellectual life in Paris the beginning of last century: most well-known ones include L’Hotel at Rue de Beaux Arts where lived Oscar Wilde and recalled the wallpaper anecdote, the legendary Hemingway Bar in Riz Hotel, and finally, inignorable Dali in Meurice Hotel dedicated to Salvadore Dali.

Located at Rue de Rivoli 228, the bar in Maurice Hotel get its name 228 as part of Parisien Humor, and French inclination to correlate everything with number. Anexed to restaurant Dali, this small bar nestled in the corner of left-wing, where the dim light of candles in front of a quintessential baroco style mirror contributes in creating gracious style with intimate atmosphere.

The cocktail book comes as a seasonal fashion lookbook, where classic options followed by tempting innovation under debonair names: La Joconde, Mai Tai…..among which the quantity of Champagne based creatures are astonishing. As an integral part of the Hotel, nothing crazy or non-conventional could be expected. The service, the cocktail, the atmosphere are elegant, mostly comfortble, all contributing to a classic luxury setting and being themed thoughtfully. Notwithstanding, the price paid for being flawless is to be conservative and to respect the tradition, phrasing it differently, too cautious to innovate.

I enjoyed more the snug teatime in Meurice, accompanied by friends with nice sense of humor and fabulous patisseries from the kitchen of Dali, rather than cocktail adventure here. This experience grants a glance of the glorious jadis, with victorian gilding tableware and refined bone-ash porcelains, indulging in the chromatic fantasy inspired by unparalleled Salvadore Dali.

Practical Informations:

Price Range: 24-30 euro for cocktails

Address: 228 Rue de Rivoli

open hours: 12:00-23:00

Occasions: business, Apero, Afternoon tea, Music Scene

Website: Meurice Hotel