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Le parfum des îles, crémeux aux fruits de la passion, granité au Rhum ambré, noix de coco 2011/12/15

Plaza Athénée

July 11, 2012


post alain ducasse

1971, when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were still in their first marriage, this most legendary couple  of Hollywood took 6 months residence in Paris at luxury Hotel Plaza Athénée, where they occupied several suits and threw out tons of parties. In the following years, the face of Richard Burton was frequently found in the mediocre […]

L’ Office—l’endroit indefini

January 31, 2012


st jacque

The question raised by dining at high-ending restaurants is usually: whether the quality justifies the price. As for bistros, the question is in the reverse way: what the best quality of food we can get at this price? I arrived quite early at L’office, a small bistro in 9 th, the smell of roasted piglet […]

Le Valentin

January 20, 2012


I love mont blanc, and I love chestnut. I am not sure that I love mont blanc because of chestnut or the reverse. But certainly, a delicious mont blanc make my day, just as this little cutie above.

Caïus—around the world in 45 epices

January 16, 2012


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If traveling itself be the only purpose for our traveling, the temptation is carried out by the exotic freezes mingled with scent of violet, red berries and wet soil, the most wild illusions is solicited by the spirally shifted smogs and hazy purple canopy of a splendid arabian palace. The savors of wildness, scent of […]

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